Music Therapy

By offering music therapy as part of the programming at WISH, participants will be invited to musical exercises designed to further the mission of WISH, which is to improve the health, safety and well-being of women who are involved in Vancouver’s street-based sex trade.


Participants will be encouraged and offered tools to care for her whole-person self through musical experience and psycho-education. These musical exercises may include:

  • Song-Sharing Circles, where women share songs of strength or hope;

  • Drumming Groups, where the use of drums might ground participants and offer strong group connection, in partnership with our Aboriginal Health and Safety Program;

  • Song-Writing Support, where participants can receive support with song writing skills and have access to basic recording equipment to record the song on site;

  • Relaxation Groups, where participants can come rest and re-centre with the use of resonant instruments and basic mindfulness;

  • Jams, where participants might want to try playing an instrument she has never had access to in past, and where participants join together in music-making. With these exercises and more, all within the supportive relationship of an accredited music therapist, participants at the WISH Drop-In centre might (re)discover her strengths in a safe place by being invited into creative beauty.

The WISH Music Program is generously funded by: