Music Therapy


Music Therapy

WISH participants can engage in a range of musical experiences through the WISH Music Therapy program, helping to care for their holistic self through musical education, song-sharing and psycho-education. Music therapy group drop-in sessions and one-on-one sessions occur several times a week, available for all women who access WISH to attend.

Musical experiences can include:

  • Song-Sharing Circles, where women share songs of strength or hope;
  • Drumming Groups, where the use of drums might ground participants and offer strong group connection, in partnership with our Aboriginal Health and Safety Program;
  • Song-Writing Support, where participants can receive support with song writing skills and have access to basic recording equipment to record the song on site;
  • Relaxation Groups, where participants can come rest and re-centre with the use of resonant instruments and basic mindfulness;
  • Jams, where participants can play a new instrument and join together in music-making.
  • One-on-one sessions or lessons

“The music really helps us. We have a lot of worries and thoughts and the music lifts that energy.”

— Participant

“Being loud together feels so good. Think of the oxytocin we’re releasing! Even if we sound like jackasses, we’re laughing and people outside are laughing too!”

– Participant

Generously funded by:
Music Heals Canada
Tides Canada
TD Bank

What's Happening

Group Music Therapy:

Sundays 6pm-8:30pm

Music Lessons:

Every Second Friday Evening 6pm-8:30pm


Every Second Friday Evening 6pm-8:30pm

One on One Music therapy:

Certain Friday mornings, 8:30-11pm

Takes place in the learning centre within the Drop-In Centre, 330 Alexander

Instruments available:

  • Electric Keyboard
  • Electric guitar
  • Acoustic guitars
  • Shakers
  • Violin
  • Djembe

Program Partners:

Capilano University Music Therapy Program
Music Heals Canada
Allegra Chamber Orchestra