WISH Up Close 2022

Our 5th annual WISH Up Close Campaign is officially live and you can help to raise funds for our Supportive Employment Program (SEP)!

This year, we need to raise $45,000! Will you help us? 

This is our most ambitious campaign goal yet! Will you help us keep the program strong? 

$54,492/ $45,000 Raised


The Supportive Employment Program is integral to WISH’s ability to create opportunities that uphold the safety, autonomy and self-determination of peers and participants. At WISH, inclusion means equitable access to those opportunities, including the opportunity to develop other employment skills through SEP.    

“You all really believed in me. Two years ago, I never thought I’d be working here and now I am. I didn’t know if you all really meant it. It’s true and I can’t believe it – it’s amazing.” – SEP Staff 

Street-based sex workers wishing to seek mainstream employment have limited access to opportunities. Participants face multiple barriers and continuously experience deep inequities. The program reduces these barriers by working alongside participants to help them develop the skills, experience, and confidence required to reduce their reliance on sex work. 

Each day at WISH, SEP staff work over 63 hours to support operations in the drop-in, shelter and respite. It’s challenging work and having staff with personal experience with what it’s like to access services at WISH is immensely valuable to those depending on WISH.    


4 Levels of SEP employment

13 SEP shifts scheduled each day at WISH 

38 SEP workers currently employed 

23,000+ SEP hours worked each year!  


SEP staff members work as Peer Volunteers (PVP), Peer Safety Patrol (PSP) workers, Harm Reduction Workers (HRW), and SEP Shift Leads.  

WISH’s Mission is “to improve the health, safety and well-being of women who are involved in Vancouver’s street-based sex trade.” To do this we need to create opportunities that meaningfully engage current and active street-based sex workers while prioritizing their safety, autonomy and self-determination. Your donation today will help make that happen.   

“Sometimes in life when you’re knocked down, you’re not just looking for a handout, you’re looking for somebody to reach their hand and pull you up! And to me, that’s what this program is. It’s not a handout, it’s a hand up.” – SEP Staff 

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Our goal is to raise $45,000 in two weeks. Will you support the Supportive Employment Program?