Winter Campaign

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank everyone who supported our winter campaign & helped us fundraise 99% of our goal! Thank you for standing together in solidarity and supporting choice.

“It wasn’t a choice… I didn’t have two options.” – WISH Participant

Access to choice must be a right. Being able to get one-to-one, longer-term support is vital to participants’ ability to build agency, make free choices and gain stability in their lives. This support is provided by WISH’s Inreach team — which now includes our first-ever dedicated Housing Support Worker — as well as our Indigenous Health and Safety Program, Music Therapy, and Supportive Employment Program.

Click the image below to explore what choice looks like in your life.

Count me in!

“It takes somebody to feel welcome before they feel that they have choice or options to do anything else.”- WISH participant

Street-based workers have never been more vulnerable. Thank you for helping WISH “hold the line” and meet the increased need for services.