Winter Campaign 2021

Please help us raise $200,000 so street-based sex workers can count on crucial one-on-one support. 



You can help twice as many participants by donating $250 or more this Winter Campaign! From Nov. 30 to Jan. 7, all donations of $250 or more will be matched (up to $75,000) thanks to three generous donors.

$211,839/ $200,000 Raised

Thanks to your support, WISH not only remained open, but we increased our programming and services. Thanks to your generous donations, combined with our relentless advocacy efforts, we were able to provide better support to street-based sex workers during considerable uncertainty and multiple crises.

But have you ever wondered what happens after participants walk through our doors? 

What happens when a participant wants to find housing? Or when participants have a medical appointment, or want to focus on longer-term goals such as getting their children or grandchildren back? 

Participants rely on WISH for much more than just the urgent and immediate. Staff have become participants’ primary help navigating through increasingly complicated matters—dealing with hundreds of requests for support every week. Being able to provide one-on-one, longer-term support is vital to participants’ ability to make free choices and have stability in their lives. 

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Did you know….

Street-based sex workers are 7 times more likely to face a violent death
90% of participants accessing WISH struggle with mental health and/or substance use issues

Almost 75% of WISH participants live with disabilities 
80% of participants are homeless or precariously housed

Every participant faces stigma and
discrimination when trying to access services 
Even with government support, we still need to raise
more than $1.7M every year to help cover program expenses

You can help street-based sex workers reach their goals. Please donate to help us raise $200,000 so participants can count on crucial one-on-one support.