Spring Newsletter

The Deadly Crisis in Our Backyard

In our Spring 2022 newsletter, you’ll read about the devasting impact the opioid crisis has had over the past six years since it was declared a public health emergency.

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At WISH, the opioid crisis affects EVERYONE who walks through our doors.
If not directly, then indirectly, as people continue to lose loved ones to a poisoned drug supply. We continue to lose valuable members of our community.

Crisis response is a daily reality. So is caring for each other.

It happens when Drop-In staff welcome a new face, when peer Harm Reduction Workers check in with participants, when WISH meets a critical need, and when someone like you chooses to donate.

Thank you so much for contributing to our Spring Campaign.

With your support, and for the first time in years, we have reached our spring fundraising goal!

$11,326/ $10,000 Raised

Your gift helps us to deliver essential care to the people we serve, but it also reminds us of the amazing champions we have in our community – like yourself – who stand up for those who need assistance now.

Thank you for your care, your concern, and your generosity.