The Transitions project supports women in moving to safer sex work, or to reduce their reliance on sex work, or to eventually exiting altogether. Our work is based on extensive research into established models of transitioning, providing the best possible support to women making this major life change.

“I’ve been trying to run my own business for the last 5 years. After tabling at the Transitions Craft Fair for three days straight and all that included, I now know that I can do this professionally all year round.”

– Participant, Transitions Winter Craft Fair

“I thought I knew how to use the computer! But I learned so much and gained so much confidence working with the other ladies in this course.”

Participant, Transitions VPL 3-Week Computer Literacy Course

We support participants by maintaining sustained involvement while they work towards achieving their goals, and work with women to feel safe, healthy and independent. Support provided involves four key areas:

  • Individual support and assistance, including with housing, detox, legal issues, and mental health/health services access;
  • Employment and pre-employment support;
  • Cultural support and social/creative activities;
  • Education and training support.

At WISH Transitions, we offer one-on-one sessions for women to develop and work towards a progress plan with the support of the Service Coordinator. We conduct two group activities every Wednesday and Thursday (except cheque issue week) to inspire new possibilities, creativity and community connection. Finally, we run two-hour tabling sessions on Tuesdays during dinner service to promote the program directly to WISH participants. This model allows for expanded options and opportunities for women to engage with the program in their preferred way.

WISH delivers the Transitions program in collaboration with our partners in the Metro Vancouver Consortium.

Generously funded by:
Government of Canada – Public Safety Canada
City of Vancouver

What's Happening

One on ones scheduled throughout week. Meeting occur either at 334 Alexander or in the community

Information Tabling on Mondays 6-8pm in the Drop-in Centre

Outings on Wednesdays (Times varies, destinations vary. Always meet at the Drop-In at designated time)

Group session on Thursdays 2-4pm in the Learning Centre within the Drop-In Centre at 330 Alexander Street. ($10 gift card for attendance and full participation)

Criteria for membership:

    Self-identified woman, past or present sex worker

Program Partners:

  • PACE
  • Foot of Main Art Gallery
  • Coast Mental Health
  • Megaphone
  • Vancouver Public Library
  • BC Housing