Executive Director

Mebrat Beyene


Mebrat is an Eritrean, born in Ethiopia and raised in Montreal. As executive director of WISH and co-chair of Living in Community, Mebrat supports women and initiatives related to the health and safety of women and gender-diverse people engaged in street-based sex work.

She has worked in social justice, and non-profit management and community development for over twenty years. Mebrat has worked closely with women and women-serving organizations as a Programs Officer with Status of Women Canada; and served as executive director of PeerNetBC. She is also a recipient of the 2020 YWCA Metro Vancouver Women of Distinction Award in the Non-Profit category.

In a volunteer capacity, Mebrat sits on the boards of the Equality Fund and Pivot Legal Society; serves on the City of Vancouver’s Black History Month Planning Committee, and also volunteers with the Vancouver Youth Choir. She lives in East Van, doing as much singing, adventuring and plotting with her son…much to their cat’s chagrin.

Director of Programs

Ty Mistry


For 15 years, Ty has strived to foster inclusive environments for individuals engaged in sex work.  She has worked as an outreach coordinator, facilitator, educator, senior director, and social planner to develop health, safety, and anti-stigma strategies alongside sex workers, allies, collectives, and organizations.

At PEERS Vancouver, Ty had the privilege to lead a dedicated team in the delivery of rights-based, sex-worker centered programs and services, designed to aid in self-determined life transitions.

At the City of Vancouver, she was the lead planner responsible for the implementation of The City of Vancouver’s Sex Work Response Guidelines and the installation of The West End Sex Workers’ Memorial.

As the Director of Programs, Ty is honoured to support our mission-driven staff at WISH meet the diverse needs of the women we serve.
Outside of work, her happy place is anywhere in nature with her husband Bob.

Administrative Staff

Communications & Media Manager

Estefania Duran


Development/Fundraising Manager

Jan Hawkins


Development & Communications Coordinator

Hannah Morgan


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Finance Manager

Carol Minchinton


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Finance and Office Administrator

Jeanie Parkinson


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Human Resources Manager

Joannye Belanger


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Operations Manager

Emily Kydd


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Payroll and Benefits Administrator



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Programs Staff

Astoria Project Manager

Aja Lamb-Hartley


Drop-In Manager

Julia Freitas


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Drop-In Supervisor

Shelby Vredik


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Inreach Worker

Sonya Kim



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Inreach Worker

Jenny Sloman


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Kitchen Supervisor

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Learning Centre Coordinator

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Learning Centre Coordinator

Lucy Alderson


MAP Van Manager

Dana Krementz

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MAP Van Supervisor

Robyn Dekinder



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Supportive Employment Program Manager

Eva Ureta



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Supportive Employment Supervisor

Autumn Gauthier

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Shelter Manager



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Shelter Supervisor



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Respite And Sanitation Supervisor

Shayla Heggs


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Transitions Service Coordinator

Nicole Payer



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Volunteer & Community Resources Manager

Carrie Hill


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