Transitions Project

The Transitions project is a program that works with sex workers 19+ years of age who wish to transition into safer sex work, and/or reduce their reliance on, transition out of, retire from or exit sex work altogether. Transitions is based on extensive research into established models of the transitioning process, to provide the best possible support to participants making this major life change.
Transitions is run by five local organizations that form The Metro Vancouver Consortium (Consortium). With extensive experience in providing services to sex workers, the Consortium has come together to develop and implement a transitioning and exiting program which is responsive the needs of sex workers throughout the Lower Mainland. These organizations are:
  • Aboriginal Front Door Society (AFDS)
  • Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS)
  • Health Initiative for Men (HIM)
  • PACE Society (PACE)
  • WISH Drop-In Centre Society (WISH)

The two long-term goals that the program aims to achieve are to:
1) Support participants in maintaining sustained involvement in achieving their goals, including reducing their reliance on sex work and/or independent, mainstream employment; and  
2) To have participants report feeling safe, healthy and independent.
Transitions offers support in four key areas:
  • Individual support and assistance, including with housing, detox, legal issues, and mental health/health services access
  • Employment support
  • Cultural support and social/creative activities
  • Education and training support
At WISH Transitions, we offer one-on-one sessions for women to develop and work towards a progress plan with the support of the Service Coordinator. We conduct two group activities every Wednesday and Thursday (except cheque issue week) to inspire new possibilities, creativity, and community connection. Finally, we run two-hour tabling sessions on Tuesdays during dinner service to promote the program directly to WISH participants. This model allows for expanded options and opportunities for women to engage with the program in their preferred way.

Eliza (WISH Kitchen Staff) also owns her own catering company, and taught women marketable food skills! 

There have been 24 group activities have successfully been completed since the beginning of June this year. 4 of these activities were in collaboration with other WISH programming or Consortia members: WISH Learning Centre, Drop In, and Volunteer programs; and PACE society. WISH has seen a Steady increase in group attendance rates because of consistent programming, with our group activities seeing attendance numbers rise to up to 13 people.
“I liked the adventure of getting out of the Downtown Eastside.”
“The activity was something I have never done before. I freaking loved it!”
“Fun, creative, lots of different possibilities.”
“I like the way we got to express ourselves. I love the laughter and we got to sing!”
“I got to visit a place I would normally not go to. 😊 “
“I enjoy creating and being around the women.”

The Transitions Project is generously funded by: