Bad Date Reporting

Bad Date reports are taken through all WISH programs and by agencies throughout the community. The reports are submitted to WISH to be assembled and disseminated as the Red Light Report to a large network of service providers who are in contact with women working in the sex industry. Reports can be made by opening the reporting form below and sending it on to WISH either through fax or email or passing it on to a trusted organization who will send it to WISH.  Reports can also be made over the phone by calling WISH at 604-669-9474 or by calling other places where you are supported.


Please forward Bad Date Reports to WISH by:

Fax: 604-669-9479


Daytime Phone: 604-669-9474 (Monday-Friday 10am-6pm)

Deliver/In Person: 334 Alexander Street, Vancouver V6A 1C3